About the Museum

Money Museum in brief:

In terms of its pre-Islamic, Islamic and modern possessions of currencies, SAMA Money Museum can be considered as an international specialized institution. In addition, the Museum possesses some raw materials used in modern banknote printing and coin minting industry. The Museum also exhibits pictures describing security features of the Saudi banknotes.

SAMA spares no effort to preserve this money museum up to the levels of other similar leading world institutions. In this regard SAMA is proud of its rare possessions whether preserved in safekeeping or publicly exhibited to visitors including unmatchable rare collections of Islamic coins.  

The money Museum is located in SAMA Head Office Building at King Saud Bin Abdulaziz Street, Riyadh.


                For further information or a request to visit the Museum, please contact:

                Phone Number: +96611 466-2779
                Facsimile No.:    +96611 466-2980