Third Hall

The biggest and principal Hall for exhibiting various historical currencies described in three different forms.

The first form is in the shape of fifteen wall displays each one to represent a particular century beginning from pre-Islamic periods until the 14th Hijri century.  Each one of these displays contains forty-two (42) pieces of coins.

The second form comes in the shape of showcases installed against the walls of the Hall to show banknotes and coins in circulation in the GCC countries. A showcase installed against the wall of the Hall is divided into two sections: one including coins used in different regions of Arabia before and during the unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while the other section includes very rare Islamic coins struck in various regions of Arabia during different Islamic ages.

The third form is a big showcase placed in the middle of the Hall over which hangs a shape of the Earth electrically turning. This showcase displays modern currencies in circulation in most countries of the world.

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