Cyber Risk Control

1. What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the protection of networks, IT systems, operational technologies systems and their components of hardware and software, their services and the data they contain, from any penetration,

disruption, modification, access, use or unauthorized exploitation. The concept of cybersecurity also includes information security and digital security                                        


2. What is a cyber-attack?

Intentional exploitation of computer systems, networks, and organizations whose work depends on digital ICT, in order to cause damage.                                      


3. How to report a cyber-attack on a financial entity under SAMA supervision?

Please email us with any concerns or incident reporting on:             


4. What is a technical incident?

Any event that disrupts the operations and / or services of the financial entities

5. What are financial frauds?

Any act that aims to obtain an illegitimate benefit by exploiting technical or documentary means, relationships or social means, using functional powers,

or deliberately neglecting or exploiting weaknesses in control systems or standards, directly or indirectly


6. How to report financial fraud?

To report fraud, please contact SAMA Cares (customer protection) SAMA Cares Customer Portal (