Joint Research Program

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This program is one of the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) initiatives that aim to support research in economics and finance. The program encourages researchers, academics, experts and specialists from inside and outside SAMA to collaborate in a way that serves the national economy.

The program comes in line with SAMA's efforts to support economic development and realize the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030.

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1/1/2024 5:00 PMSystem Account1/1/20241/1/20241/1/2024Saudi Investor Sentiment, Stock Market Behavior and Pricing: New Evidences
9/12/2023 5:22 PMSystem Account9/12/20239/12/20239/12/2023Open Innovation Digital Platform for Creative Tourism: Unemployment Reduction and Sustainable Development
9/4/2023 7:28 PMSystem Account9/4/20239/4/20239/4/2023Examining the Role of Oil Revenues in the Long-run Developments of the Saudi Private Sector
8/9/2023 3:16 PMSystem Account8/9/20238/9/20238/9/2023The Digital Economy and Society Performance of Saudi Arabia
8/2/2023 5:57 PMSystem Account8/2/20238/2/20238/2/2023Uncertainty and Corporate Cash Holdings: Evidence From Saudi-Listed Companies
7/30/2023 4:37 PMSystem Account7/30/20237/30/20237/30/2023Mineral Fertilizers Price Pass-through into Food Inflation in Saudi Arabia
7/30/2023 4:38 PMSystem Account7/30/20237/30/20237/30/2023Toward Net-Zero Carbon Emissions for Saudi Arabia Under the Circular Carbon Economy Framework
11/30/2022 4:20 PMSystem Account11/30/202211/30/202211/30/2022Economic complexity, export diversification and sustainable growth in oil-rich countries: the case of Saudi Arabia
4/27/2022 9:36 PMSystem Account4/27/20224/27/20224/27/2022An Analysis of Renewable Energy Investments in Saudi Arabia: A Hybrid Framework Based on Leontief and Fuzzy Group Decision Support Models
4/21/2022 3:33 PMSystem Account4/21/20224/21/20224/21/2022Financial Inclusion, Macro-Prudential Policies and Financial Stability in Oil-Rich Countries: The Case of Saudi Arabia
2/21/2022 5:57 PMSystem Account2/21/20222/21/20222/21/2022Impact of Financial Inclusion on Economic Growth in Saudi Arabia: An Autoregressive Distributed Lag Modeling Approach
Development of_Demographic,_Social_and_Economic_Characteristics_of_the_Beneficiaries-EN.pdf
2/14/2022 11:57 AMSystem Account2/14/20222/14/20222/14/2022Development of Demographic, Social and Economic Characteristics of the Beneficiaries of Microfinance Loans in Saudi Arabia Before and during the COVID-19 pandemic
2/14/2022 1:04 PMSystem Account2/14/20222/14/20222/14/2022The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Saudi Credit Industry: An Empirical Analysis Using Machine Learning Techniques to Focus on the Factors Affecting Consumer Credit Scoring