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Joint Research Program

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Program Guidelines:

1- Each research team consists of a maximum of three researchers; one of them (at least) should be from SAMA.

2- Applicants should fill out the attached application form and send it, along with all documents required in the form, to the following e-mail:

3- SAMA will review and sort all applications and select the best research ideas submitted in each area of study. The final candidates will be then contacted, and the appropriate research teams will be formed.

4- The program covers 6 areas of study.   


Areas of Study:

1.     Financial Sector:

(Financial technology, Islamic finance, banking, insurance, risk management, etc.).

2.     Macroeconomics and Foreign Trade:

(Inflation, GDP, trade protectionism, global supply chains, foreign direct investment, digital and knowledge economy, etc.).

3.     Private Sector:

(Production efficiency, small and medium-sized enterprises, industry, consumer behavior, etc.)

4.     Labor Market:

(Saudization challenges, unemployment, telework, etc.).

5.     Energy and Mining Sector:

(Renewable energy, oil prices, minerals, financial derivatives in energy markets, etc.).

6.     Current Issues:

(COVID-19 pandemic and the global economic recovery, key impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on the Saudi economy, etc.).


Participation Conditions:

1- The research paper must be written in Arabic or English. A translation of the research paper must be provided if requested.

2- Previously published research papers are not accepted.

3- A researcher cannot engage in, or participate with, more than one research paper.

4- Researchers must observe the ethics of scientific research.

5- Researchers must comply with the time frame specified by SAMA for the steps of the research process.

6- The participant must acknowledge and agree that SAMA has the right to use the research paper in any way it sees appropriate, including publishing the research paper on SAMA's website and/or sharing the research paper with whom SAMA wants. The participant must also agree to the terms and conditions of the program, as well as what is stated in the application form attached.



After completion and submission of the research papers, SAMA will evaluate the submitted papers. A monetary award will be granted to each winning research team selected by the research evaluation committee. Moreover, the best research paper will win SAMA's award.


Program Dates:

- Deadline for Application Submission: 31/10/2020

- Date of Research Teams' Formation: 31/12/2020

- Deadline for Research Paper Submission: 30/06/2021


For inquiries, please contact

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