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SAMA Activates Business continuity Plan and Continues to Provide the Necessary Banking Services
16/03/2020 12:00 AM
In implementation of the decision made by the government of Saudi Arabia on 20/07/1441H to suspend attendance of employees in all government agencies, except for those in health, security and military sectors; Cyber Security Center; and distance learning system in education sector, SAMA has suspended attendance of employees in its head office and branches, and has decided to implement remote working for the financial institutions under its supervision, except for critical positions that require attendance of employees, for (16) days from Monday 16/03/2020 corresponding to 21/07/1441H.
SAMA confirms that the business continuity plan has been activated to ensure that payment system services are not interrupted and that the financial and banking system continues to operate and provide high quality services. Financial institutions have been instructed to reduce the number of employees working in head offices and branches as necessary to maintain business operations and reduce the number of working branches in order to provide only the necessary services that are not provided through digital channels. Financial institutions have also been instructed to encourage their customers to conduct financial transactions through digital channels to ensure their safety, and to activate call centers to receive customer requests and enquiries while constantly monitoring the performance of digital channels.
SAMA has instructed banks to provide the necessary operational support to ensure the operation of payment systems and related businesses, and to monitor ATMs to ensure availability of cash in order to achieve the targeted operation rates. In addition, banks must enable customers to increase POS purchase limits through reliable channels, and make all money transfers made in Saudi riyals between banks operating in the Kingdom via SARIE free of charge for personal and business banking customers during this time.
SAMA will continue to provide its services through the following electronic channels:
Twitter account: @SAMAcares
Toll-free number: 8001256666

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