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SAMA Basel II.5 Program ▼
SAMA Basel III Program ▼
SAMA Liquidity Standards Program ▼
SAMA Leverage Ratio Program ▼
- SAMA's Circulars concerning the Revised Guidance Document regarding Basel II, II.5 and III capital framework and Amended Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR)
SAMA Other issued Circulars regarding Basel II, II.5 and III ▼


- SAMA Basel II Program

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- SAMA Basel II.5 Program

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- SAMA Basel III Program

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- SAMA Liquidity Standards Program

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- SAMA Leverage Ratio Program

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- SAMA's Circulars concerning the Revised guidance document regarding the Basel II, II.5 and III capital framework and Amended Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR)

Following a comprehensive review carried out by SAMA during 2014 concerning its guidance documents regarding Basel II, II.5 and III and Amended LCR, SAMA issued the following circulars as well as Revised guidance documents.

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- All of SAMA's Revised Guidance documents are provided in

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SAMA Other issued Circulars regarding Basel II, II.5 and III

Basel 2 5 Ref BCS 25478 ,
Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book (IRRBB)38100004024305/07/2018
1BCBS Document regarding Review of the Principles for the Sound36100000575904/11/2014
2BCBS document issued in October 2014 regarding frequently35100015507522/10/2014
3BCBS Document regarding Liquidity Coverage Ratio Disclosure Standards35100013336625/08/2014
4BCBS Document regarding Capital Requirements for bank expos35100009501821/05/2014
5BCBS Document of March 2014 regarding the Standardized Approach35100009502121/05/2014
6BCBS Document issued in April 2014 regarding Frequently Asked Questions on Basel IIIs January 201335100009501721/05/2014
7BCBS Document regarding Capital Requirements for Banks Equity Investment in Funds35100005243224/02/2014
8BCBS Document regarding A Sound Capital Planning Process Fundamental Elements35100005243024/02/2014
9A Finalized Document of September 2013 issued by BCBS and Board of the IOSC concerning13432801/10/2013
10BCBS document entitled GSIBs updated assessment methodology and the higher loss absorbency10701810/07/2013
11Monitoring Tools for Intraday Liquidity Management of April 20138556620/05/2013
12A BCBS Press Release of 15 February 2013 concerning its final guidance for Managing Risks5640716/03/2013
13BCBS Finalized Document entitled A Framework for Dealing with Domestic5640705/12/2012
14Basle Committee for Banking Supervision Basel III Definition of CapitalBCS 2433104/09/2012
15Basel Committee Final Rules on Bank Disclosures of the Composition of the CapitalBCS 2329522/07/2012
16BCBS Document Entitled Interpretive Issues with Respect to the Revisions to the Market Risk FrameworkBCS 872422/02/2012
17BCBS Paper entitled Revision to Basel II Market Risk Framework Updated as of 31 December, 2010BCS 2841420/11/2011
18BCBS Document Entitled Global Systemically Important Banks Assessment MethodologyBCS 2841120/11/2011
19Basel Committee Papers RELEVANCE TO SAUDI BANKSBCS 2841220/11/2011
20Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Document regarding Progress in adopting the principles for Effective Risk DataBCS 2841220/11/2011
21The Joint Forum report on assets securitizationBCS 2841320/11/2011
23Basel Committees Revised Document of June 2011 Entitled Basel III Global Framework for more ResilientBCS 2788512/11/2017
24Basel Committee - Final Elements of the Reform to raise the Quality of Regulatory Capital - Loss AbsorbencyBCS 561113/02/2011
25Basel Committee PapersBCS 127621/12/2010
26BCBS document published on 16 December 2010BCS 127821/12/2010
27Enhancements to SAMA's Bank Disclosure Requirements Under the Basle II Framework Pillar 3 ComponentBCS 1313411/05/2010
28Basel Committee Papers on Basel II FrameworkBCS 84928/12/2009
29Basel Committee Papers on Basel II Framework-1BCS 55926/12/2009
30Enhancements and Revisions to the Basel II FrameworkBCS 76929/07/2009
31BCBS Finalized Document Entitled Capital requirements for bank exposuresBCBS 2509206/10/2012
32BCBS Consultative Document capital treatment of bank exposures to ceBCS 10417102/07/2013
33BCBS Joint Forum Document regarding Longevity Risk Transfer Markets Market Structure Growth Drivers and35100005397426/02/2014
34Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Document regarding Liquidity Coverage Ratio Disclosure Standards35100005826909/03/2014
35SAMAs implementation of Basel III Leverage Ratio Framework and Disclosure Requirements issued on 12 January 201435100013336725/08/2014
35Circular on Basel III Leverage Ratio Disclosure Requirements35100013336725/08/2014
35Circular on Basel III Leverage Ratio Disclosure Requirements
36SAMA circular BCS 771 dated 5 December 2008 concerning Principles for Sound Liquidity Risk Management35100014707525/09/2014
37National Discretions concerning SAMA's Implementation of Capital Reforms under Basel III Framework36100000577304/11/2014
38SAMA circular Num 341000085566 dated 20 May 2013 concerning Monitoring Tools for Intraday Liquidity Management36100000934410/11/2014
39Basel Committee on Banking Supervision document regarding Capital Requirements for Banks'18/11/2014
40Frequently Asked Questions concerning SAMA Guidance document regarding Basel III36100002195403/12/2014
41SAMAs Revised Amended LCR Ratio Regulations Operational Deposits36100005064026/01/2015
42SAMAs Amended LCR Cash Outflow Rates concerning other contingent funding obligation36100004944221/01/2015
43Domestic Systemically Important Banks Framework in Saudi Arabia35100013835607/09/2014
44Basel Committee Guidance on Principles for Sound Liquidity Risk Management and SupervisionBCS 77105/12/2008
45Bassel Committee on Banking Supervision Finalized Basel III document36100006296118/02/2015
46Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) concerning Revised Pillar 3 Disclosure Requirements36100006295818/02/2015
47Mapping of Credit Assesments by ECAIs to determine RW exposuresBCS 24211/04/2007
48large exposures circular36100006733026/02/2015
49Circular-Capital requirements for bank exposures to central counterparti
50Circular-Capital requirements for banks equity investment in funds
51Circular-Framework on monitoring tools for intraday liquidity management
52Circular-Margin requirements for non-centrally cleared derivatives
53Circular-Standardised Approach for measuring Counterparty Credit Risk