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A service for companies or individuals wanting to obtain a license from Saudi Central Bank to practice one of the authorized insurance activities:

  1. Insurance and/or Reinsurance.
  2. Insurance Agency.
  3. Insurance And/or Reinsurance Brokerage.
  4. Insurance Consulting Services.
  5. Actuarial Services.
  6. Insurance Claims Settlement.
  7. Loss Assessment.

  • Before you use the service, please review the following:

    • Complete the application electronically.
    • Review the laws and regulations on SAMA’s website through the link.
    • Fill in the forms listed on the SAMA’s website in accordance with the application submitted through the link.
    • Ensure all requirements to perform the activity are met.
  • Reinsurance.
  • Insurance products approval.
Insurance License & Approval Follow-up Request Service guide