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Insurance License and Approvals - License Request

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Basic Information

Mobile Number
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Email Confirmation

Genral Information

Company Official Name
Company Official Name – Arabic
CompanyCommercial Name
Company Commercial Name – Arabic
Company Short Name
Legal Entity Type
Activity Type
Registered Capital
Company Logo
Licensing Application
Company Name Reservation

Company's Ownership

Company Ownership :
    • Company Owner Name
      Ownership Percentage
      Individual Or Corporate
      National ID or CR
      National ID or CR
      Board Members, Directors, and Senior Managers. Designated forms issued for this purpose shall be completed and approved by Saudi Central Bank.
      CV Of Owners
Owners Survey

Business Structure

Insurance Line Of Business
    • Insurance Branches
      No Of Products
      No Of Branches
      No Of TPAs ( For Insurance and reinsurance )
Draft Of AoA
Company By Law
Organizational Structure


Saudi Recruitment Plan For Current Year
Estimate Staff Number
No Of Saudi Employees
No Of Non Saudi Employees
Saudization Ratio
Saudi Recruitment Plan For Next (% )
    • Year
      Saudi Recruitment Plan For Next (% )
Saudis recruiting and training plan
Plan for Employees to have IFCE

Business Plan

Business Plan
Vison And Goals
Cost Estimations And Financing Resources
Estimate Growth Rate
Annual Cost Based On Projected Growth Rate
Projected Financial Statements Related To The Growth Rate
branshing distribution plan in the kingdom
Marketing Plan
Any Agreements With outside Parties
Bank transfer receipt to SAMA application fee ( 10,000) Riyals . IBAN: SA3801100001250109000001
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License received by the institution