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Theme 1: General Setting

Assessment Elements

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Clarity and readability 
Approaches of presentation and analysis of economic data and indicators used 
Approaches of presentation of tables and charts 

Theme 2: Content

Assessment Elements

  Highly Satisfied Neutral Highly Dissatisfied
Newness of data and economic indicators used 
Accuracy of data and economic indicators used 
Comprehensiveness of report 
Adequacy and depth of economic analysis 

Theme 3: Subjects  of Inflation Report

What subjects are you interested in?

  Always Rarely Neutral
Cost of Living Index 
Wholesale Price Index 
Cost of Living Index by Cities 
GDP Deflator 
Foreign Trade 
All indicators 

Theme 4: Usage Pattern

What is your usage pattern of the report's data and information?

  Always Rarely Neutral
Comparison with international indicators 
Historical comparison 
Track and evaluate the general performance of the Saudi economy 
Track and evaluate fiscal and monetary policies 
Track and evaluate the performance of specific activities and sectors 
Essential input for research, studies and articles 
To help in making decisions 

What would be your overall level of satisfaction with the Quarterly Inflation Report


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