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Finance Laws and Implementing Regulations

TitlePublishing DateDownload
Real Estate Finance Law     27/08/2012 ,PDF   
Finance lease Law     27/08/2012 ,PDF   
Finance Companies Control Law     27/08/2012 ,PDF   
Implementing Regulation of The Real Estate Finance Law     24/02/2013 ,PDF   
Implementing Regulation of The Finance lease Law     24/02/2013 ,PDF   
Implementing Regulation of the Finance Companies Control Law     24/02/2013 ,PDF   


Licensing Forms and Guidelines

TitlePublishing DateDownload
Guidelines for Applying for a License to Practice Finance Activities     27/04/2013 ,PDF   
License Application for a New Finance Company     27/04/2013 ,Excel   
License Application for an Existing Finance Company     27/04/2013 ,Excel   
License Application for a Bank to Practice Real Estate Finance and Financial Lease     27/04/2013 ,Excel   
Fit and Proper Form for Founding Members     27/08/2013 ,Word   
Requirements for Appointments to Senior Positions in Financial Institutions Supervised by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency.     02/08/2013 ,PDF   
Fit and Proper Form     02/08/2013 ,Word   
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