Questionnaire on the Financial Stability Report

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This is a questionnaire measuring "the level of satisfaction with the Financial Stability Report". Kindly fill it in by selecting one of the options of each phrase. Please note that this questionnaire is intended for the purposes of assessment and improvement of the services. Data provided shall be confidential.  

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Theme 1: General Setting

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Clarity and readability 
Approaches of presentation of data and information 
Approaches of presentation of tables and charts 
Theme 2: Content

Assessment Elements *
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Up-to-date and information 
Accuracy of data and information 
Report's coverage of most important economic developments 
Adequacy and depth of economic analysis 
Theme 3: Chapters of Financial Stability Report

What chapters are you interested in? *
  Always Neutral I do not care
All chapters 
World Economy 
Saudi Economy 
Banking Sector 
Non-Banking Credit 
Insurance Sector 
Trends of Capital Market 
Payment Systems 
Theme 4: Usage Pattern

What is your usage pattern of the report's data and information? *
  Always Neutral I do not care
Comparison with international indicators 
Historical comparison 
Track and evaluate the general performance of the Saudi economy’s stability 
Track and evaluate fiscal and monetary policies 
Track and evaluate the performance of specific activities and sectors 
Essential input for research and studies 
Theme 5:  General Assessment

Assessment Elements
  Highly Satisfied Neutral Highly Dissatisfied
Publication Date (31/May) 
Publication Format (only electronic format) 
Assessment of report in general 
Suggestions and comments

Financial Stability Report Survey